A signboard is a kind of kanban that combines visual graphics and text. It is also a type of sign that indicates the purpose or name of the place, both commercial and non-commercial. The earliest signboard evolved from the Paleolithic era and is already an indispensable basic component of business, because it can quickly understand the services and goods provided by the site at a glance, reducing the search time of the demand side in the market. . The design is usually based on the ''AIDMA Rule'' proposed by American advertising scientist Lewis.
As the times evolved, the signboard added more technology to highlight its features, such as neon lights, LEDs, LCDs, fluorescent tubes, electronic paper, flashlights, because in areas where business competition is more intense, more compelling or interesting. Signboards can have an advantage in business. The more luxurious signboards are also the display of the financial strength of the merchants, so that customers can have a preconceived notion of confidence in the business, and the same specifications and standard word signs in the chain store system can also bring customers a sense of relevance. Know that the business belongs to the same system, and the services and products provided also have the same quality and specifications.
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